Path to Steam

On the road to Steam there are many paths.
by Micaiah Stevens for Haven Studios

First of all; let me say I am grateful and glad to be here on today.   I thank you for your looking at my dev diary, and even given my little game a chance.

I am a Steam Direct user, I mean who isn’t?  But I wanted to be sure this is the game and direction I wanted to go.

Am I happy with the click movement and character following orders maybe in a different gameplay.  Would I rather have an action RPG, or at least a WASD movement who knows.  That can all be added later.

I think it serves a larger purpose that is yet to be revealed.   But part of me wants to put together a complete game package.  With a menu, start, gameplay, a win condition, and an end credit scene to loop all the way back into the main menu so you can try again.

Is the game too much about Discovery, did I find a new piece of tech and take it too far?   Only reviews, comments, and nasty remarks will highlight that.

Do I need to add a Robust help system, to hold some peoples hand, say click here do this?  I think probably in the larger game world, but in this mini-game of an intro level I think discovery is really about finding what the game does.  Hopefully with few bugs and quirks.

Have you Discovered all the secrets? At last count I was up to 18; did I add in more and not discover them myself, only time will tell.


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